Back to School: Reflections on Learning Important Tools and Rules

When I went to Oxford college my intention was to prepare to become a pharmacist. During the summer of my sophomore year, I was called to ordained ministry. The opportunity to help in social healing and pastoral care I witnessed across the counter at Connely’s Drugs; this was my true passion. (I wish I had… Read More Back to School: Reflections on Learning Important Tools and Rules

United Methodists have always valued education. In formative leaders in the Sunday school movement, to educating clergy, to the founding of seminaries, colleges, and others school the church has been committed to maturing and expanding the minds God has entrusted us with. Beginning with preschool, children, youth through adults, curriculum has been the heart of… Read More

Watch the paint dry..

So we steady the course in prayer, real heart prayers. For all our delegates, for those trying to stage and manipulate on both sides of the debates, for those watching on in what feels helpless anticipation, and the world ready to judge either outcome. Pray for God to speak and show up with boldness and clarity. Pray for Jesus to offer the power of salvation for sinners. Pray for the Holy Spirit to be our power and guide and not Robert’s Rules and procedures of politics. Lord make it so! Amen. … Read More Watch the paint dry..