Revisiting the Destination

I was reminded today that our spiritual destination is one of wholeness.

The perfection of spiritual completeness is typically measured in many moments of experience and not a singular, final destination.

The world in which we live is filled with an abundance of examples of broken trusts and relationships. It is through Gods grace of self-given through the cross that restores, preemptively, we cannot carry out on our own nor even collectively.

So the way I like to think of spiritual journey as seen in the overlapping and crisscrossing the roads, highways and paths that intersect through the cross that lead us toward wholeness.  We may experience heavy traffic detours and even blaze new trails but it is through the cross that we find our hearts way home, it makes us home with our maker.

So when you hear someone say “Where is my wife’s going?” We each have an opportunity to share the cross of Jesus the love and grace of God the power of the Holy Spirit that brings us into a moment of holy connectedness and relationship.

The more we stay on that intentional journey and are consistent and sharing Christ in those moments in the more we are at on the destinations we want.

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