HOPE: Assurance in the Deepest Distance of Doubt

sirius_Cross_StarHope is trusting what is not seen, trusting beyond our individual faith, experience or belief. For example, we hold these truths to be bedrock in our faith.

  • God’s love is forever directed toward us.
  • Jesus’s sacrificial life continually covers our sin and is our bridge of reconciliation from our broken trust.
  • The Holy Spirit is the ever-present counsel and comfort in our journey of hope we know as faith.

Hope is tossed around in many ways: A times it is trivial to tell someone, “I hope to see you tomorrow,” or “We hope to be at the party.” Is this the hope that spans the great chasms of doubt and despair we face in matters of mean, life and death?

Are we writing a check on the same bank of faith when we say, “I hope that we make it out of this alive.” or “I hope the lab reports and the MRI confirms the tumor is not cancerous.”

What about the dreamy use of hope? When people say, “I hope we can all just get along,” or “I hope we end world hunger.” Are these words wishing and dreaming or is broad scope of what it means to hope. Is hope flippant? Does hope cover both extremes?

What eats away at the foundations of hope: When we see increasing numbers of impossible hurdles and mounting challenges from those who have lost hope we are tempted to limit what and how God loves and works. God who orders the universe has the ability to work another way than our experience. Those who perceive no hope have no confidence in God. So maintaining trust and faithful fortifies our hope.

Encouraging those who are weak or broken of faith rather than confirming their self view is a renewing witness of God’s trustworthiness we share.

Everyone places their trust in something. Even the most extreme case of desperation, each person trust somethings to be true. Some trust only themselves: survival, supreme autonomy and Machiavellian might. Other will reduce trust into measurable patterns of logic, algorithms and standardized operations. Some rely on random options of chance and circumstantial variables. Hope is a way of naming our foundations.

Long before you, I or any creature walked the earth, at the foundation of all things God operates to order a universe from the core purpose of love. Because God loves, the universe patterns the orderliness and dependability of God. Because elements, seasons and orbits fluctuate and mature, we see the grace that adapts to bring order to that which moves out of order. God’s Spirit continues to reveal the presence of God’s interaction with creation. God’s motivation is love and that requires relationship. God’s love being directed toward us gives hope meaning.

God has hope in us.

This is the nature of love. It extends hope where it has not been earned and even where its been rejected in the past. So if you have given up or if you are speeding your way into the depths of doubt and despair: God hope in our never ends and never fails. Get back up, turn God-ward and inch your way into the heart of God. I truly hope you will. Let me know how it’s going.

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