Thank You for Your Service

usafachapcrossI am curious of what it means to those brave women and men who have served our nation through different branches of military service, when some one shares the words, “Thank you for your service.”

I hope that it is a genuine statement of appreciation and gratitude for the work, risk and dedication to protect, defend and uphold our nation and constitution. As one who has not “dared” to take that oath, I trust that this phrase has not become a politically correct thing to say.

I would suppose it is better to hear some rattle of the phrase in a questionable way, and not to be ignored or worse, protesting those who have so faithfully placed themselves. Military life is not for all people, but for those who have stepped up to uphold and defend in my place, I offer a sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the commitment you have made for us all. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

It is a striking sight to see the two edge sword of the Word which hovers over the altar area at the USAFA chapel. It reminds me that God’s Word is needed in all the world. Those who prepare to give themselves in military service model a faithfulness to give themselves to something greater than themselves. May God use all of our different forms of service to God’s goal and glory.  It’s good place to meet God, even though it might not be easy. May God transform the Sword into the fertile souls of our hearts for God’s service.

Thank a Veteran, Pray for those on active duty and Remember to appreciate those who have given theirs lives on our behalf.

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