Olympic Olympics


DRAFT: On one hand, the Olympics are not only about gathering the most prepared and most honorable athletes for the highest levels of competition, but it has also become a celebration of nations. Challenging the highest ideas of a global community we are faced with the reality of cheating and economic struggle to compete in a world market.

In our consumer driven world there is a place for anything-goes, steroid-driven, best of the best competition. It would be appropriate to reward winners for financial prizes and over the top bling for medals. In this way, those who want to allow for chemicals, politics, and finances can have their place and the Olympics can be about the best of human talent and training.

┬áRio’s less than expected opening show and unfinished venues should not be treated as harshly as many seem to dish out. Ever since Hitler began making the games the greatest global show on earth, we have come to expect the glamour of Broadway, Holywood, with a twist of local culture. (Remembering pickup trucks at the Atlanta 1996 games.)
As the week of games continues, we pray for peaceful exhibition and excellence of effort.

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