When All the Clutter is Important

One of my ministry mentors was Dr. Jonathon Jackson at Gammon at the ITC. I loved his wisdom, insights, and honest critique. My favorite quality was the amount of clutter in his office. Not only were his bookshelves filled with volumes of important works that shaped his theology, ministry, and life, but the floor only allowed a path to his desk and one chair for guests. The top of his desk had not been seen for years. I ask him if he ever planned to clean it off. His reply was priceless, “All of these are important things to tackle and I need to keep them all in sight.”

I have followed his tradition in his honor and thanked him for the permission to do so. We try to have three stacks of mail. One is items that need attention right away. Items of interest that need attention soon and the rest that does not yet need to be filed or recycled. I’m certain there is a less cluttered way to order things, but it is a method that works for us.

On my plate are several current important items. Show and Sell planning, personnel files of candidates to lead our contemporary worship, prayer concerns, information about UMCOR flood relief efforts, upcoming worship plans for Home Coming and other Sundays, letters to respond, items to be ordered, Thank Yous to send, and coffee cups to be washed.  Where to start? What to do next before more is added? Here goes:

  • Pray for our country as we struggle to find our core in times of division.
  • Pray for our church as we forge a way through schism, orthodoxy, and debate.
  • Pray for hearts, minds and bodies that are diseased, broken and in need of healing.
  • Remind members to sign up, volunteer and pitch in help for another Show-n-Sell season, September 24th.
  • Remind members that Terry Flemming will be preaching at Homecoming, September 25th.
  • Remind members that God will provide and not to worry so much about what we will eat for Homecoming.
  • Celebrate generosity of our reaching $100,000.00 in giving toward the building fund.
  • Celebrate the ways we can help our neighbors in Louisiana and around the world through flood buckets and gifts to UMCOR.
  • Celebrate “Fan Day Worship” on October 2nd. Members are invited to wear the colors of their favorite team to worship for our celebrations.
  • Teach members to install the church app for news, and giving, by visiting the App Store or Google Play and search for Rock Spring UMC
  • Encourage members to start new small groups on Wednesday night. Looking for a study, start one!
  • Thank you to those who have updated information for the church directory.
  • Thank you to those who have sent prayers for Mikey and Wendy the past few weeks.
  • Thank you for the prayer quilt for my Aunt Diane who is in surgery as I type these words.

Which one is of these is most important? Dr. Jackson would remind us, “They all are.” Keep these in your heart, your prayers, and we serve and witness Jesus Christ together.

See you Sunday!  John

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