Preparing to Share the Gift of Christ

This Christmas we are likely to give and receive a variety of gifts. Will you be giving someone ‘the’ gift of Christ this year? I hope you will join us in preparing a treasure that will transform someone’s life.
I have challenged our congregation to prepare at least one gift as our ‘Jesus’ gift, for this Christmas. Here is the gift: Sharing your faith experience in Jesus Christ with at least one person, will be the best expression of love you can give. Claim how Jesus is at work in you and you have a treasure to share.
Getting Ready: How we select our best message, what work needs to be done to craft and make genuine and personal the experience, and knowing how to best deliver and present our gifts, as well as to whom will we share our gift, will be our shared journey each Sunday. (To receive weekly encouragement, texts OR emails to “GIFTGROUP” to 404-323-5646 or
So far, 1) we have affirmed that our experience in Christ is both a powerful and precious gift to share, 2)  what some call foolish is the most-wise gift to have, and 3) remembering we can make it more difficult to share our faith when we are not following Christ in our own life. But we are not done!
In the Sundays ahead will discuss 4) the joy we find when we share Christ, 5) what to do when we don’t feel Christ’s presence to share, 6) learning to work with what we have, 7) how to use our faith experiences in the stories and messages we share, 8) how to interrupt in gentleness and understanding we have good examples to follow and pattern. (Sermon notes can be found at
Finally, in the month of December, we will hear four different people examples of sharing their faith with our congregation. Our themes for the homestretch will be Sharing the Gift of Christ: The Big Purchase, The Wrapping, The Opportunity and, The Risk of Not Giving.
The next three months are a spiritual journey we can find encouragement together. Christmas will be here in less than three months. You have the opportunity to give life-giving, game-changing, turn-someone’s-world-around gifts. Would they rather have a gift card, a sweater, something that needs batteries or a moment in the presence of God who loves us most?
See you Sunday,

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