Risk carrying the Cross as a sinner.

Faith Sharing: Retrieving persons who are lost requires identifying what is lost about their lives while aligning with them as a human in an equally struggling journey of being a child of God.

The risk of identifying sin and brokenness in one persons life while sin continued to rule our own lives is no reason not to reach out helping one another in the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus calls disciples to be salt for the world. The distinction is we are to be the preserving and passion message of God’s grace, embodiment Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Bottom line: we are called to err on the side of commandments to love, live and save and broken and sinful world. We are not give the suggestion to do these things. We are called to be as devoted to the life and relationship as the world would seek to ignore us.

If my sister or brother had fallen into a hole in the ground, the same hole I once had fallen into, would I, as one who seeks to know the love of God Almighty, be content to leave them in that hole because they throughly it made them happy and content? Or would I be compelled to try to help?

Risk naming what is broke so that we might meet Christ at the cross of our salvation as we share our faith.

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