Tire of Praying about Shootings?

How many school deaths will occur before we stop protesting and start holding high moral standards for one another? Life is precious. Faith and Values are the common core we need to teach the world, and that is not new. Morals are the missing tools. Safety is not our goal, valuing the life of our neighbor is our command.

It is not right to use the death of children (any age) to debate politics when we have failed to build foundations morals and faith.

Prayers are comforting for loss and grief. But face to face modeling and teaching our faith is the answer. Who wants to keep thinking it will get better, debating or complaining, or asking the government to fix what the church is called to do for two millennia.

We have good news in Jesus Christ that sets the captive free, that heals the sick, restores he oppressed and drives out the evil spirit. We have exactly what the world need and now is a perfect day to share the Good News of living in love and trust in Jesus Christ.

Ask any family member of a school death victim and they remind us of what is at stake, children, not guns, lives not laws, Love not sound bytes.

Know someone with a troubled soul? Share the hope and Love of Jesus Christ instead of political debate and we can change hearts, schools and the world. Keep doing what we do, or not doing, and we can expect the same.

Ok, ok. Some will say it is not realistic to let go of the strides our political parties have made and it is foolish to think that people will share and teach Christ. Then keep praying and hoping with each subsequent expression of rage, sin, and brokenness or better yet, complain more loudly expecting someone else to try to find a new solution or something to blame.

Don’t just pray as people of faith, witness and teach the faith to a hurting, angry and broke world. Are you with me? I’d ask for you to get to work (off FB) and not think our dialogues here are our work. Go love someone who needs Jesus; stop them from casting the first stone in fear or anger much less raising arms at a school.

Share Christ!

Real hope, real life.

Share Christ!

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