A Mother’s Hope and a Mother Fear


O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, killing the prophets and stoning those who are sent to you! How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you would not!” [NRSV: Luke 13:34]

Moms hold many roles that change as children grow, struggle and mature. Sometimes a mother’s child is too young, too angry, too confused, or too busy to find her mother’s heart of hope. Sometimes the mother is stretched too thin, too often, over so many individual days that she loses sight of the love and hope she has planted.

Some mothers never birth a child, yet share the stories, provide the necessities and spoil with compassion children born to others. Motherhood is the institution to which all of us have found benefit and blessing.

So it is fitting that we seek to fulfill the hope of every mother of becoming the children she hopes we will become, and even more. For a mother’s love and hope comes from the author of motherhood who gives life, hope, and love for us all. Jesus looked over the holy city of Jerusalem with hope and sadness.

For some people, it is only when they become an adult or a mother themselves that they learn to appreciate or at least understand their own mother.

Andres Victoria McCoy Brantley, the middle child, piano playing, the language-arts specialist educator was a mother to many people; I have come to hear her mother’s love in the lives and stories of those she touched and inspired to read, learn and love life.

I have had the privilege of knowing many mothers. Every church I have ever served has had women who extended love in many forms, some in ways of comfort, other correct, and others in grace, all in love. (At least I will remember it that way.)

The word of Jesus looks at a conflicted and troubled world where the brood of the faithful few are living in great risk and threat. The hope is to live in love, speak with boldness, and trust God’s strength always. To all those who so encourage and love us, thank you; bless you! Happy Mother’s Day, love them always, tell and show them, while you have the opportunity.

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