Celebrate Schism!

The polarized assumptions are that we have one of two choices: either look back to what Jesus and John Wesley said at the start and return to our foundation or to see where the winds of the Holy Spirit are blowing in the current contexts, where our foundational principles outweigh historical limitations. There is a better way.… Read More Celebrate Schism!

General Conference 2016: In this corner..

It’s a big deal. The General Conference is both an executive body and an event. That makes the term contextually important. The 2016GC  will be held in Portland, Oregon, May 10-20, 2016. Every four years the official decision and policy-making body of the United Methodist Church gathers delegates that represent the global denomination to worship,… Read More General Conference 2016: In this corner..

HOPE: Assurance in the Deepest Distance of Doubt

Hope is trusting what is not seen, trusting beyond our individual faith, experience or belief. For example, we hold these truths to be bedrock in our faith. God’s love is forever directed toward us. Jesus’s sacrificial life continually covers our sin and is our bridge of reconciliation from our broken trust. The Holy Spirit is… Read More HOPE: Assurance in the Deepest Distance of Doubt